When you embark on a cruise line gaming career the first two games you will learn are Black Jack and Double Zero American Roulette, the most popular casino games on-board.

What is a Casino Dealer?
A casino dealer is someone appointed at a gambling table to operate the smooth running of the game, to accurately pay bets and make payouts.
A casino dealer ensures that the game operates to casino procedure.

Attributes needed to become a Casino Dealer:
– Minimum of 21 years of age with good hearing and clear speech;
– No criminal record;
– Well groomed with clean and tidy appearance, outgoing personality and enjoy meeting people;
– The ability to think quickly, calculate and work with numbers;
– To be able to distinguish colors;
– Capable of manual dexterity and capable of working with the public and handling money;
– To be a good team player and communicate easily with others in a polite and friendly manner;
– Have the drive to learn and be motivated, be happy and to accept a disciplined, controlled environment;
– Speak English and be prepared to work a 6-8 month contract at sea.

If you meet with the above, then you are half way there.

Casino dealers Salary & Tips
A casino dealers salary plus tips will have a guaranteed minimum payment and will vary from fleet to fleet, ship to ship.
Tips will depend on the Itinerary of the ship and level of business.

What is the time frame of the course and will I be ready?

You will learn everything that you need to know to become a casino dealer including:

– The rules and etiquette of Double Zero Roulette and Blackjack.
– How to control and operate the games in a casino environment
– How to collect and pay bets
– Opening and closing the tables at the beginning and end of games
– The skills of mental calculation and manual dexterity needed to run each game efficiently and effectively.
– The various mentalities and psychology of the players
– How to spot cheats and opportunists.

The training is mostly practice based, using professional Double Zero Casino Roulette wheels and Black Jack Tables e.c.t.
As a result the trainees are skilled and ready to start work once their training has been completed.
You are learning in an environment which is as close to the experience you will have in a real casino, making the transition to the work place on the ship as less stressful as possible. The training is intensive, but also FUN.
Our trainees are not only technically proficient, mentally and psychologically prepared for working in a casino on-board environment, they are also trained to the highest guest service standards
You will learn all the skills that you need to become a well rounded casino dealer providing that you are willing to work hard and give 100%.
Towards the end of the training you will be tested before joining the assigned ship.

The training course runs for five weeks a sufficient time period to become proficient and ready to join the casino on board team .

Are we able to guarantee a position on the ship if you graduate and meet all standards?
Yes we can.
The Cruise Line have accepted all students in theory, but you must be able to pass the training evaluation process and graduate with flying colors.
All students are guaranteed a position on the ship as trainee dealer immediately on completion of the course, but only if they pass all aspects of the training period and graduate.
The non passers stay ashore!

Crew Logistics pride themselves on having the best trainers that will guide you through this training period and on into your new career sailing on the high seas!
Newly skilled trainee casino dealers are always in demand within an ever expanding cruise ship industry.
In the 19 years that we have been operating, we have successfully trained and placed all trainees who have entered our dealers course.

At Crew Logistics we take pride in the quality of our training.

Because we put so much emphasis on quality, we limit the number of trainees on each course so we are able to give sufficient personal attention to each student.
All of our courses are run by trainers who have extensive experience in the casino industry from large corporate land based operation to various cruise lines.

The final evaluation and assessment by our company founder and proprietor Mr Trevor Cullen

What else?

The training duration is for 5 weeks and accommodation will be arranged and sourced for you (at extra cost)

To join the ship and to work on bard you will be required:
– to pass Company Medical – Valid 2 years (at extra cost);
to obtain American C1D Visa – (at extra cost but Refundable to you once on-board).

Travel to Lithuania for the training period (at extra cost)
Flight tickets from Lithuania to the ship and back to your home countries – will be provided by employer.

If you are interested in this unique training opportunity please contact us for further information.
For the upcoming Dealers Training Courses check our schedule.


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